Saborear el Sabor

Christian the Food Trucker

Tread lightly, avoid stepping on toes, but before the doors close make your presence known. No reservations, first come first served, don’t settle for hors d’oeuvres when you can get just desserts. Marinade, baste, givem a taste, from branding the cattle to raising the steaks. Recipe for success is loving the labor, put in the work to savor the flavor.

Christian runs a food truck that I drive by daily on the way to work. I dropped by based on my colleague’s recommendation and complete obsession of beef lengua, and I was not disappointed. He shared with me that when you feel a door is about to close don’t be discouraged, just give it all you’ve got.

Saborear el Sabor translates to Savor the Flavor in Spanish. Tread lightly means to be careful in the near future. Hors d’oeuvres translates to appetizer in French. Just desserts can be interpreted as both the idiom, to get what you deserve, or the final course of a meal. Raising the steaks/stakes is a homophone that means to cultivate your ingredients from the very beginning, and to up the ante and go all in.


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