No Doubt

Chindalath of the Grand NewsStand

Stocked with paper from publications, both pivotal and local. Printed fine, bound by twine, clearly defined, yet equivocal, combined the package total. Designed by authors hopeful to have their zines read, and build a reputation like Mr. Rogers street cred. Salomon’s seeds spread, dispersed to diverse flowerbeds. Neighborhoods once divided now united like they’re newlyweds.

But in this case she needed space and the light of day to grow apart. Suffocated by worries justified from the start. Mother found America to be much wilder than Laos. Abode by her rules while living in her house. Separate perspectives made her wise beyond her years, different generations split family from peers. She chose to cut dependency without a tear in sight, and reassured the little birds that things would be alright.

Chindalath is a volunteer for the Grand Newsstand, a kiosk which exposes passersby to creative work generated by the community such as The Neighborhood Seeds Project. She is a soft-spoken person with the maturity of someone several years her senior. This originates from the decision to move away from her immediate family, since living away from home fosters social growth. Regular interactions as a volunteer have helped her shy further and further away from her introvert roots.

No Doubt is adopted mindset, like Hakuna Matata with an unfaltering confidence instead of being entirely carefree. The first verse defines the parameters of what makes a zine, along with a magnitude of an independent artist’s project. The second verse captures the back and forth of a unique mother-daughter relationship. Maren Salomon’s Neighborhood Seeds Project consists of hundreds of handmade printed seed packets that contain diverse indigenous plant species. It breaks across multiple cultural barriers with it’s appealing multilingual descriptions, and is distributed in numerous locations around the city.  As for Chindalath’s relationship with her mother, there’s more lost in translation than simple generation conflicts, consider mediating lifestyle differences between living in Cambodia and the USA. Regardless of whether they came to a full agreement, every bird has to eventually leave the nest, so rest assured like the Bob Marley song “Three Little Birds”.

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  1. Your artwork and descriptive text complement each other very well. Great insight and perspective! I love each of your pieces.

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