Scratch the Surface

DJ Enano the Counselor

As a child Nino said to leave the world in a better place, set aside mishaps, low SES setbacks, adversity attracts it doesn’t dictate fate. Lay the needle to the groove stay on track with what reverberates, make mistakes, deviate, but be cognizant of your inner state. Mind dwellings develop after contact is made with long or extended play, cassette decks, zip disks, all contain building blocks for the brain. Race against the clock to fill your memory banks, plasticity declines, but on record vinyl stimulates auditory pathways. Actively listen always, it’s a privilege to be sought out for more than just moral support. Amygdala hijacks are imminent for minds that are dissonant, vulnerability is essential to building rapport. If adverse childhood experience is a score that you ACE, don’t be a victim of the system, and be subject to change. Subsidize STEM and the humanities, grant work study exchange, be patient, conditioned responses can be hard to erase. Auxiliary towards growth outside of occupation, is the pursuit of pastimes for sound mind manifestation. Amplify the sounds of the past generations, Samba tamborim, Cumbia claves, Bossa Nova drums and Rocksteady bass. One on one sessions, interact face to face, broadcast at low and high frequently so we all can relate. As a man Nino would be glad to see his values retained, through a therapeutic remedy that’s universally embraced.

Jon AKA DJ Enano is a high school classmate that I reunited with through mutual interest of each other’s projects. Not only is he a recent graduate with a psychology and gerontology background, but he is also the co-host of Remedy Radio Podcast with along with DJ Table. After being interviewed on their 25th podcast it became apparent that their goals stretched further beyond transmitting their musical preferences. We conversed about education program cuts, the importance of consistency, the benefits of having a creative avenue, and listened to tunes by Yung Bae, DJ Marky, and Jorge Ben to list a few. Their willingness to provide a platform for all types of local and international artists is what I strive to emulate with my own projects. 

Scratch the Surface is the what Jon does daily in and outside of work. Nino was Jon’s godfather and was a role model that shaped his character to the core. SES is an acronym for socioeconomic status. LPs, EPs, decks, and disks are all common storage systems for music. It’s been proven that music training directly correlates to child’s development of audio-lingual skills, reading, writing, neuroplasticity, and more. Amygdala hijacks is a term created by Daniel Goleman which is defined as an immediate, overwhelming, disproportionate emotional response to stimulus. ACE, meaning Adverse Childhood Experience, measures childhood trauma and the health and social problems that branch from it. Lastly music is a type of therapy that transcends language and is universally understood.

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