Full Disclosure

Alejandro the Inclusive

My intention is to capture your attention, first and foremost no honorable mention. Accept me and my imperfections, whether you like me or not is at your discretion. Secondly shut off your screens and really get into it, moments like these are meant to be intimate. Nothing’s lost in translation from mic to speaker when the expressed commonalities are potentially limitless. From relatively unknown to projecting on a platform that’s nationally syndicated. Understandably inundated, when initially idolized yet retaining a fan base that’s so clearly vindicated. Struggling to preserve a public and private dichotomy, steadily fighting with feedback of who I am and who I ought to be. Expected to solemnly swear to willingly share but responding in kind with the opposite by swearing so solemnly.

Not presuming reciprocity but proudly singing out loud what most dare not speak. Not mainstream but observations of the un-romanticized behind the scenes. From a dishwasher to a performer headlining shows on marquees, warrants all his head nods, shakes, and laughs of disbelief. Took a full deep breath through his diaphragm, and even in the breadth of a hall they could all hear him breathe. Adjusting his capo before strumming chords and plucking on strings, scaling up and down octaves to play sweet melodies. Fingers switch from acoustics to keys, as devotees wall-to-wall are swept off their feet. Unified from varying climates, latitudes, and longitudes, all within six degrees. Separated by affiliation, location, religion, and orientation, yet all four agree to appease inadvertently. Knowing that altogether nothing’s to be taken personally, assumptions shouldn’t be made, give it your all with certainty, and if things aren’t alright then that’s okay.

Constantly reminding the crowd, life doesn’t have to be mundane. Backtracking to a time when he was fervently watching the stage. Witnessing artistry incomparable to what the media portrays, perspiration on the walls and diving off stage had him drawn to this life like a moth to a flame. Temperature gauged, for some the heat is unbearable, they would rather have it now than have their gratification delayed. Do believe in your dreams, like constellations we all gleam, but how we choose to emit is subject to change. Kismet, dictate your inner monologue, as we speak we create, uncover the comfort in truth when no blanket statements are made. It’s all within reach, so get carried away, find abundance in all things like fireflies in a field, and tears in the rain.

Alejandro is a musician and American Idol runner-up. I followed him solely based off the stark difference between his unassuming demeanor and his powerful originally produced songs. The homie’s rise from humble beginnings as a dishwasher to a household name hasn’t affected his personality at all. I was lucky enough to be watch him perform live because of the ticket my girlfriend gifted me. His self deprecation (calling himself a grown sloth playing guitar and a scumbag), audience engagements (pausing the show to call attention to a woman suffering from heat exhaustion), and life lessons (We’re all working towards something, all this can be gone tomorrow, take advantage of every opportunity) gave the show a very warm and familial vibe.

Full Disclosure is about how we don’t need to reveal everything about our lives while being fully transparent with what we do decide to show. In this case Alejandro made a point to separate his personal life from his passion (his music and his message). The first verse comes from a first person perspective of how he would like to be received as an artist, vocalizing his intentions, struggles, and frustration. The second verse comes from the crowd’s perspective, highlighting how a musician armed with a potent message can pacify a room full of strangers with their own unique backgrounds. It makes references to his song “Out Loud”, the idea of Six Degrees of Separation, and Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements. The third verse addresses communication between the artist and his crowd through past experiences and the mindset needed to achieve. It makes references to his favorite hardcore band in Pomona called Backtrack, and the famous monologue from Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner.

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