Robert the Recruiter

In the beginning
I was told I’d amount to nothing
Yet I found the wherewithal to withhold a tradition
Service provided structure, linked the chain to command
Taught me it takes only a second to make the wrong decision
A reminder beyond the bars as a guard in prison
I’ve enlisted, instilled purpose, sold the masses a dream
All receptive since I was once in their very position

For what I’ve given
I’d sacrifice just about any price, non-monetary
Time and efforts worth the response you elicit
Things I’ve done for you are for me too
Understand that I would’ve loved a fraction of these gifts
Tightly wound these presents come undone
The drawstrings, your favorite things, encouragement, and my presence
More focused on the now, and how far that I’ve come

Gather yourself son
And be stronger than what’s ahead of you
Unless it’s straight ahead don’t turn tail and run
Each challenge presented is a battle that you’ve won
Up the mountain there are many ways
But it’s up to you the path you take
Each trial repeated requires less effort
What matters is you see things through til it’s over and done

I’ll show you what a man is
Where I’m from happiness doesn’t equate to titles and wealth
The happiest people I’ve seen had nothing but their spirit and health
A man may fail many times but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else
I came to be where I am now by making many mistakes
Born in the Philippines, siblings scattered and raised in the states
Origin unknown felt neither at home or out of place
It took withstanding struggle to find out my strength

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