Chicken Soup for the Soul

Dr. Yard

Always seeking, hardwired for curiosity. Disconnected from what’s right, yet aware of what’s wrong with me. Why are you like this? Break the cycle. Be direct, don’t project, bring the issue forward it’s vital. Escape don’t let anxiety swallow you whole. Adapt and overcome, be the one in control.

Dr. Yard is a professor and psychoanalyst that I visited in New York. She brought to light problems that I may have been aware of yet never acknowledged. Visiting her helped me release the pressures and burdens that I’ve internalized all along. Through her I became more accepting of myself, disregarding the word “influence” and the definition of “normal.” Ultimately through her I’ve learned to fully embrace care, joy, fear, rage, seeking, and compassion.

Chicken Soup for the Soul was a title inspired from the popular book series, which encourages people with its countless, socially conscious, and positive stories. This passage serves as a statement for myself to become a more emotionally stable, self accepting, and ever questioning one day at a time.

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