Reason, Season, Lifetime

Pierette the Narrator

Born in nineteen twenty-seven, just one of eleven, not to mention she was last she never fought for attention. Carefree as a child with boundless energy, provided basic amenities, bare necessities, and hearty recipes. Enough heat emanated from the candela centerpiece, garland hung on top of the mantel, bit deep into the crust just to get to the bramble. She sought out independence but found pain within growth. Yet the ones that want you to grow hate to see you struggle the most. Some wouldn’t understand and might see it as spite, but after sitting on papa’s shoulders she wanted to rise to new heights. At an age when they repeat, “Look before you leap,” shortly graduated from sprawling on hands and feet. Full of unconditional love and uncompromising dreams, she embarked on her entrée en matière to build self esteem.

Back in nineteen fifty-one he came into her life, a nurse and a geologist, stethoscope, pick, and a knife. Left an impression strong enough to cast aside any doubts in her mind, preserved within the strata leaving a bold outline. Made a continental drift, flew across the Atlantic, from Montreal to Tanganyika not knowing what to expect. Found kimberlite pipes, shaped by the mwadui blasts, aeolian, karst, and erosion effects. She never questioned the magnitude of the situation. Despite different fault lines and plane heights they shared one epicenter. From chamber, conduit, and crater it’s in our nature to fear lava may spill out, but when reciprocated nothing feels better. At an age when they repeat, “Love is blind; friendship closes it’s eyes,” they asked for her to wait and let the feelings subside. Se rassure tout va bien, each side compromised, and found one in which to mutually confide.

Then in nineteen sixty-seven she took her six kids to the expo, universally known to illuminate the globe. Dispatched to search separate corners of the earth, but deep down she knew that all roads lead home. She sat in disbelief after witnessing the wave of features distinct, diversity from head to hands and feet. Effortlessly she could see her kids among the sea of creations with which no artist can compete, in making each child entirely unique. She sang to her children not for the sake of embarrassment, but to be granted an audience is a gift in its kind. She found the impermanence of these moments would outshine years prior spent at the diamondiferous mines. At her current age she said “What if i never followed my dream, followed a career, followed my heart, followed you here, what would you hear from me? Youth is a mindstate, and I’ll continue to wander as long as I can be.”

Pierette is a lady that I met on my travels throughout Spain and Portugal. During our time traveling she was always the first to one up and last to leave. Her infectious positive energy and bright disposition on life slowly made its way to me and made my trip more enjoyable overall. She was keen on helping me lighten up and enjoy the moments as they come instead of constantly worrying about what’s next. Soon after the trip we kept in contact and emailed back and forth so that I could learn more about her life experiences and what shaped her into an all-embracing individual.

Reason, Season, Lifetime is a title inspired by the types of relationships that we have in our lives. People stick around for guidance, mutual benefit, out of obligation, due to proximity, convenience, and more. The first verse reflects on her time spent as a youth, inexperienced, unafraid, and only looking towards what’s next, hence the phrase referenced “Look before you leap.” The word entrée en matière means introduction, signifying her ascent to an independent life. The second verse reflects on her time spent in a relationship, investing time and energy into something that’s never fully under our control. This fear of uncertainty is captured by the Nietzsche quote “Love is blind; friendship closes it’s eyes,” in which love blinds us from seeing flaws in our significant other. Se rassure tout va bien roughly translates to don’t worry everything’s fine. The last verse reflects on her time spent with her children all the way to the present. During this time she became more grounded through her observations, which eventually make their way to me to interpret.

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