Alessio the Skipper

What’s left unseen is left unsaid, most visitors come and go without a true breadth of what lies at their wake. Browsing boutiques by the shore, chasing after the crowds, trusting fake locals for advice are all common mistakes. Give it 3 to 4 days, go at a relaxed pace, find Majolica ceramics, limoncello, homemade sandals and linens, old man Aldo’s caprese sandwich, personal gifts. Understand that sacrificing time to save money should be forbidden, find an operator that aligns with your best interest, especially when your time is limited and swift.

A seafaring scugnizzo with a vision to share of smeraldos, phosphorescent grottos, and stunning ruins hollowed, empty, and bare. Armed with knowledge of the island incomparable in value to what’s paid in fare, au contraire the honest reactions paid are fair. Beauty is found through the imagination we spare, transforming caves and crags along the coastline into themes of sorelle, santi, and amore. Revealing Roman villas hidden in tall grass, French forts en route to the lighthouse, and votive offerings nestled between the rocks. highlighting scenes is his forte.

Not a helmsman at the wheel or a deckhand dropping anchor, but a skipper without a crew. Alone to man his vessel withstanding winds, currents, and seasons all the elements through. Like a sailor’s knife, a multipurpose tool, a marlinspike for untying knots, a rigging knife for cutting ropes, and a key for breaking shackles. Maneuvering in and out of coves, avoiding falling rocks underneath stalactites, and pulling away from every debacle. All the while preaching captivating stories of rulers, artists, and entertainers who’ve rediscovered themselves through the very things that we see.

A father to a newly born daughter not even a year old, but fully prepared to lend a library’s worth of stories foretold. Even if she doesn’t claim the same passion at least she will be exposed to what most can’t conceive. Historical books about his birthplace that speak volumes resounding, take pride in your atmosphere as inspiration stems from love and stress compounding. Although Thoreau said most men live quiet lives of desperation, he still craves the need to be left in peace. Sitting at the peak of Via Migliera enjoying the sound of the breeze and calming crash of the turquoise seas.

Alessio is a boat captain and an orator that my friends and I toured with during our time spent on Capri. He brought us to his favorite spots along the island, especially highlighting the historical features along the coast and near his hometown of Anacapri. His enthusiasm to apply his knowledge of the island’s history and local gems made for an extremely fulfilling tour.

Authentico is split into 4 verses. The first verse is about what can be said about the island on a surface level and how visitors should delve deeper. The second verse is a brief description of the island’s beautiful features. The third verse is about the duties of a boat captain and guide. The final verse is about the duties of a new father, the importance of finding passion at a young age, and the motto which he lives by “leave me in peace.”

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