Aohe Hana Nui Ka Aluia

Christy the Caregiver
For some, rehabilitation begins at the farm
Animals cannot lie to you,
Indemnify your past actions, and shelter you from all from harm
Animals don’t have the capacity to judge,
Rectify patterns of behavior that previously wouldn’t budge
Animals love unconditionally,
Dissolve ulterior motives down to the pure intention
Shepherd you in the right direction amicablyDown to our molecules, we are not meant to be alone
Isolation gives a period to reflect, but when left unchecked the mind will roam
Community building is vital and it begins at the home
The truth is often misconstrued, some won’t learn until they’re fully raised and grown

Home to the ambassadors for the outliers
From troubled youth to the incarcerated
On each side of the fence the barrier is broken
Disconnect comes down swiftly in one single motion
Home to the sick, disabled, in critical condition
Unwanted, barren, with no return on investment
Every enclosure needs a door so the cycle is broken
Caretaken by those who relate with the same notion

Resources were scarce but throughout the years we harvest the bounty
No grants, the land they graze was gifted, and this is how they give back
Tribes, droves, flocks, herds, all species coexisting so soundly
Not a word spoken or hand lifted, the value is found with how you interact
And for all those who visit, I hope that you’re fulfilled and fed
Giving can deplete and lead to sickness, feed so that you can give to others
I’m no teacher or educator, I’m a farmer and mother with a message to spread
No contribution is too small, and no task is too big when done together by all

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