The Reason

Elina the Alien

This is how I know I’ve found the one. You stood by me at my lowest point, believed in me, and still didn’t run. You used to say designers go where the problems are. Well, I guess you also found the one. When we first met at ACN, you were late. Then I asked you on a first date, and you were consistent. After you settled down, we established common ground and got straight to sharing our motivational youtube playlists filled with Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, David Goggins, and Jia Jiang. As the day went on I shared a few quotes like clear communication being key to love by Khalil Gibran, while you shared how we can’t connect the dots looking forward by Steve Jobs, and I was hooked. I wanted whatever you were on.

We learned more about each other each time we met. And the next time was at Lands End Labyrinth, after climbing a few flights of stairs to the sounds of labored breathing we both learned I was out of shape, but more importantly our shared love for chocolate, as you came prepared with those emergency rations. More dates would pass at Berkeley Fire Trails, MoMa, and more. Then, after watching the Farewell in the Embarcadero theater, I would drop my first I love you. Through time, I’d attend your Apple talk in Union Square, assist you with Studio Ely, go to your concert photography shoots, and help with pandemic porch portraits. I learned that I was out of my league, and it was awesome. While you learned that I’m a work in progress.

Anyways, here are observations I’ve gathered living in your studio in the City to our house in the Town. You’re the patient one if it wasn’t already apparent, I’m impulsive letting my intrusive thoughts win. I start slow and run less slow at the end, while you sprint towards the finish when you’re one mile in. You’re the big picture thinker taking all things into consideration, I’m the next meal thinker gathering all sources of nutrition. I’m your tag team partner ready to fight in your battles, and you’re the pacifist reminding me it doesn’t even matter. You’re indecisive at times but deliberate in action, and I’m decisive because I want to get things done. I lose my phone, wallet, and keys in a panic, and you do the same exact thing in a panic. A couple of emotional introverts; perfectly balanced.

Here’s what we’ll have in the future. Road trips down to LA with Maple, stops at Kettleman city for spicy chicken sandwiches, drives while listening to interviews by Theo Von. Remind us that we can enjoy more than the destination, but the routes taken to and from. I’ll give you the excitement of an unopened letter, hugs that match the warmth of your grandma’s knitted sweaters, a spontaneous trip to the Mediterranean_ or a local staycation to bask in always moderate bay area weather. Like a calm ride up the PCH to a picnic at Stinson Beach? or flaming hot cheetos in our backyard, I’m down for whatever. We can have fun without funds if we spend time together. Memories are priceless, and thoughtfulness is a hard metric to measure.

You are an inspiration to me and many others, but I don’t love you for the things you do or what you’ve accomplished. I love you for your extreme kindness and gratitude towards things most people take for granted. You always go above and beyond for our families and friends. Your ability to open up and bring the best out of people is unique. You’re truly beautiful, inside and out, and I want you to know that you’re special.

I promise to hold you down when times get tough.
I promise to empathize with you and provide the connection you need.
I promise to listen to you actively when you need to be heard.
I promise to protect you to the best of my ability and shelter you from any harm.
You are my best friend, my soon to be wife, the woman of my dreams, and my partner in life.
I love you and always will love you, Elina Lin.

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