Sweat Equity

Coach Kerr

The match is already set but your stomach never settles. Anticipation boils way hotter than a kettle. Before you flip the switch remember to change levels. Iron sharpens iron now fight and test your mettle. Be first, take a shot, it doesn’t have to be impeccable. Missing is required if success is in your reticle. Go above and beyond underdog comeback strong, step atop the podium where you belong.

Coach Kerr was my wrestling coach, world history teacher, and mentor throughout high school. Despite my losing record, he never discouraged me from participation. Conversely his bias was only ever held towards student athletes that didn’t show heart. Like many others under his tutelage they found nothing more difficult than enduring wrestling practice. His standard for success is primarily measured by the victories we earned outside of the mat.

Sweat Equity are the two words that come to mind when I envision someone constantly pushing past their physical and mental boundaries in order to hone their craft, like a blacksmith pounding the impurities out of steel in a forge. This entire passage is littered with words of encouragement that I heard during practices, dual meets, and tournaments. A combination of idioms mentioning iron and mettle can be interpreted as testing a blade after sharpening it on a whetstone, or competing after training throughout the off-season.  Finally taking a shot, an explosive takedown, doesn’t need to be executed with textbook technique to be successful. So don’t be afraid of missing, make mistakes, and embrace the grind.

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