Trajectory – 19/08/05 – 5:00 PM -Santa Clara > Alviso > Palo Alto

January gave too much of myself to the wrong ones, began to monitor my mood and journal my gratitude, like marked heights against the door jamb from back when I was young.

February focused on uplifting a prior deficit, paid no mind dwelling on the negatives, sought therapy nonetheless no settling, at a refuge resistant to the elements not a decrepit tenement.

March moved out motivated with no time to react, impulsive in action jumped the chasm without bridging the gap, once you’ve grown out of your garments there’s no way to retract.

April applied to daily affirmations that alarm yet don’t distract, recited words on the tip of the tongue otherwise unshared, worse for wear are those who’s days go by and they can’t compare.

May recovered friendships that I was pushing away, got a handle of myself, prioritized health, managing leisure to lever things I could do now versus what can be done whenever.

June shifted energy outward towards those that deserve, unappreciated for far too long people will take stock in what you’re worth, when you enjoy the company you keep the cost isn’t absurd.

July came by with a conflict of interest, had to change my environment to meet all of the demands that I listed, no formal farewells just a letter of resignation and self-congrats on admission.

August presents new beginnings and learning to say no, while saying yes to difficult matters that other forgo, what terrifies most isn’t a trajectory set but acceptance of what they don’t know.

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