Rundown – 19/05/12 – 3:30 PM -Italy > Home

What’s in store, where are you going, what next? No out of office automatic replies, disconnected lines, or goodbye texts. We simply say we’re off the grid and that we need time to reflect. Often times we never give relaxation our 100%, seldom immersed with what comes first and foremost.

Knowing nothing comes close to the present, and there’s no time like it. Irrational fears of slowing down visit our mind uninvited. As if when we touch the ground we’ll become less excited. Like a mosquito formerly feeding and flying, presently fossilized in tree resin, encapsulated in amber.

Ensnared in deceit we more appreciate candor, pre and post stress nothing’s truly concrete. We aggregate around worry like vultures scavenging for dead meat. Fastened far less to what’s guaranteed when it’s at our feet. Rarely grounded, instead romanticizing the next faraway destination.

Internal dialogue never given narration, like sitting by a window but sleeping by the scenes. Whether it be on a ferry, plane, or train what these vessels portray is bursting out the seams. Our biggest takeaways are made when we stay still and keen. From what I’ve seen, when it comes to leisure a balance must be found.

Afraid to pick things up where we last left off, most would rather deal with it later and get out of town. Ready to drive away, but we need to return home someday since the fender is bent out of shape and the tread is rundown.

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