Reiterate – 19/04/25 – 9:00 AM – SF>SC

The way the sun hugs the hills of I-280
Got me asking what have I done for me lately
Took Orthodox 101 but it ain’t retaining
Feenin’ for Sunshine 85 way less scathing

Inclined to decline on a slight gradient
Ramp things up so they fall down oscillating
Learn to ride the contours don’t get so jaded
Serpent Mound just ride the wave undulating

Some might say you move “Too Fast” Sonder
Slow it down but I just need my space
It ain’t a race but if you ponder
There would be less mistakes less mistakes

In a mood for Lo-fi and Vaporwave
Flippin’ pages of a book written in uppercase
L. Boogie song “To Zion” on replay
With a little Santana “Do You Like The Way”

Let me reiterate

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