Acclimatize – 19/04/29 – 7:45 PM – SFO>ZRH>FCO A landscape scene revisited numerous times, now adjusting to the aperture seen through another’s eyes Captured with a different lens revealing the disguised, otherwise unnoticed now a path of light revitalized A portrait enveloped by a vision of the forest for theRead More



Reiterate – 19/04/25 – 9:00 AM – SF>SC The way the sun hugs the hills of I-280 Got me asking what have I done for me lately Took Orthodox 101 but it ain’t retaining Feenin’ for Sunshine 85 way less scathing Inclined to decline on a slight gradient Ramp thingsRead More


Lola’s Lifelong Lesson

Zenaida the Teacher What does it take to be a great teacher? For one awareness of their limitations and time constraints magnifies their strengths. Knowing that education spans past their fingertips, grasping minds wide as their influence. Only second to the guardian and that’s apparent, as children come with inherentRead More


Reason, Season, Lifetime

Pierette the Narrator Born in nineteen twenty-seven, just one of eleven, not to mention she was last she never fought for attention. Carefree as a child with boundless energy, provided basic amenities, bare necessities, and hearty recipes. Enough heat emanated from the candela centerpiece, garland hung on top of theRead More


Ei Ja Nai Ka

Matt the Taiko Drummer How dreadful it must’ve been to live life through the wire, conspired under a twofold gaze perception and sight. Isei and Nisei alike forcibly relocated through dire straits during a time where making two wrongs made socially right. Bred in captivity due to land laws andRead More


Scratch the Surface

DJ Enano the Counselor As a child Nino said to leave the world in a better place, set aside mishaps, low SES setbacks, adversity attracts it doesn’t dictate fate. Lay the needle to the groove stay on track with what reverberates, make mistakes, deviate, but be cognizant of your innerRead More


Kindness without Concern

Jocelyn the Traveling Nurse Thirteen days may not seem like much but it depends on the occasion. Whether it be eight shifts in the ER or an Iberian vacation. Wandered through the earth tone barrio with a lick of local language. Squandered no opportunities for paella Valenciana tasting. Slowed theRead More


No Doubt

Chindalath of the Grand NewsStand Stocked with paper from publications, both pivotal and local. Printed fine, bound by twine, clearly defined, yet equivocal, combined the package total. Designed by authors hopeful to have their zines read, and build a reputation like Mr. Rogers street cred. Salomon’s seeds spread, dispersed toRead More


Hope on the Street

Byron and JJ the Florists Back in the day he sold bouquets around Seventh and Market. Petals easy for the picking had to lay on the varnish. Seasons passed and he drifted down the Embarcadero. Present day the skid row’s gentrified straight to the marrow. Back then Cal had Savio for theRead More


Kick into Gear

Vinh the Mechanic Going nowhere fast but the wheels are still spinning, without gaining any friction it’s hard to be driven. When you’re lost, the finish line seems non-existent. Don’t be discouraged find your vehicle and close the distance. We learn so much more when we listen, when the blockRead More


Sweat Equity

Coach Kerr The match is already set but your stomach never settles. Anticipation boils way hotter than a kettle. Before you flip the switch remember to change levels. Iron sharpens iron now fight and test your mettle. Be first, take a shot, it doesn’t have to be impeccable. Missing isRead More


Preserve the Kalinangan 

Julius the Guide Tectonic plates collide, the submerged rise, mangrove roots climb, bark grows rough but leaves stay spry. Mountains collapse above manganese mines, limestone scarred by acid rain, waste swallowed by the undertow, terminal conditions with nothing to gain. Let all living things flourish from flora to fauna, make protectRead More