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No Doubt

Chindalath of the Grand NewsStand Stocked with paper from publications, both pivotal and local. Printed fine, bound by twine, clearly defined, yet equivocal, combined the package total. Designed by authors hopeful to have their zines read, and build a reputation like Mr. Rogers street cred. Salomon’s seeds spread, dispersed toRead More


Hope on the Street

Byron and JJ the Florists Back in the day he sold bouquets around Seventh and Market. Petals easy for the picking had to lay on the varnish. Seasons passed and he drifted down the Embarcadero. Present day the skid row’s gentrified straight to the marrow. Back then Cal had Savio for theRead More


Kick into Gear

Vinh the Mechanic Going nowhere fast but the wheels are still spinning, without gaining any friction it’s hard to be driven. When you’re lost, the finish line seems non-existent. Don’t be discouraged find your vehicle and close the distance. We learn so much more when we listen, when the blockRead More


Sweat Equity

Coach Kerr The match is already set but your stomach never settles. Anticipation boils way hotter than a kettle. Before you flip the switch remember to change levels. Iron sharpens iron now fight and test your mettle. Be first, take a shot, it doesn’t have to be impeccable. Missing isRead More


Preserve the Kalinangan 

Julius the Guide Tectonic plates collide, the submerged rise, mangrove roots climb, bark grows rough but leaves stay spry. Mountains collapse above manganese mines, limestone scarred by acid rain, waste swallowed by the undertow, terminal conditions with nothing to gain. Let all living things flourish from flora to fauna, make protectRead More



Chief Dionisio Don’t force familiarity, different settings, first impressions, lessons stem from simple questions. Where did you grow? Living on the land staying grounded laying low. How did you withstand the elements, how did you survive? After the bagyo and lahar I learned to flex and not to fight. WhyRead More



Bryant the Saxophonist Cut one program and make room for another, separate lips from a mouthpiece like a baby from a mother. Forget being a mentor only worried about the tenure, remember the pupils are the center and this world is theirs to venture. Provide an outlet for the anger andRead More


Saborear el Sabor

Christian the Food Trucker Tread lightly, avoid stepping on toes, but before the doors close make your presence known. No reservations, first come first served, don’t settle for hors d’oeuvres when you can get just desserts. Marinade, baste, givem a taste, from branding the cattle to raising the steaks. RecipeRead More


Chicken Soup for the Soul

Dr. Yard Always seeking, hardwired for curiosity. Disconnected from what’s right, yet aware of what’s wrong with me. Why are you like this? Break the cycle. Be direct, don’t project, bring the issue forward it’s vital. Escape don’t let anxiety swallow you whole. Adapt and overcome, be the one in control. Dr. Yard is a professorRead More



Gabi the Accordionist Keep it simple, learn to pull back when you’ve pushed too far. Even instruments need room to breathe, before the lungs expand and bellow through the reeds. We all play for a purpose, for some fingers on keys provide for family feed. Gabi is the sole reason thatRead More