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Full Disclosure

Alejandro the Inclusive My intention is to capture your attention, first and foremost no honorable mention. Accept me and my imperfections, whether you like me or not is at your discretion. Secondly shut off your screens and really get into it, moments like these are meant to be intimate. Nothing’sRead More


Scratch the Surface

DJ Enano the Counselor As a child Nino said to leave the world in a better place, set aside mishaps, low SES setbacks, adversity attracts it doesn’t dictate fate. Lay the needle to the groove stay on track with what reverberates, make mistakes, deviate, but be cognizant of your innerRead More



Bryant the Saxophonist Cut one program and make room for another, separate lips from a mouthpiece like a baby from a mother. Forget being a mentor only worried about the tenure, remember the pupils are the center and this world is theirs to venture. Provide an outlet for the anger andRead More



Gabi the Accordionist Keep it simple, learn to pull back when you’ve pushed too far. Even instruments need room to breathe, before the lungs expand and bellow through the reeds. We all play for a purpose, for some fingers on keys provide for family feed. Gabi is the sole reason thatRead More