My name is Matthew Federe and my goal is to spread awareness of all members of society. Including street musicians playing notes that fall on deaf ears, artists brushing towards a breakthrough, and vendors selling fresh produce to the Sunday masses. Everyday presents us an opportunity to engage with complete strangers, learn their stories, and discover more about ourselves instead of just spectating as life falls by the wayside.

Note to self, don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know.
If a perspective piques your interest, go out of your way to let it show.
So much can be said and summarized in simple excerpts; converse with silent strangers,
it doesn’t take much effort to shine a light on silhouettes unspoken mere seconds ago.
Capture their stories through your frame of reference, render their likeness with reverence,
envelope who they are and what they proudly bestow.

Connectedness can be measured in many ways.
Unrelated to proximity, some are alone in a bustling cityscape.
Thin partitions insulated silence bellows to a muffled roar.
When left to our own devices, the drone of dreamers never seems to soar.
Next door neighbors remain anonymous, allegories remain unknown.
Within the vicinity of the countryside, few and far between are places we call home.
Yet voices travel to the extent that the carabao roam.
Paths intersected and all but neglected, cultivated from the earth and naturally grown.

What does it feel like to be seen?
I mean really be seen, not just the cover, but the lines in between.
What does it feel like to be heard?
I mean really be heard, not just observed, but when others hang on every word.
What means little to the world, can mean a lot of few, but the world to you.
Remember how it felt when assured that you truly belong?
Look and listen, imbue that embodied energy into another, and pass it on.