Aohe Hana Nui Ka Aluia

Christy the Caregiver For some, rehabilitation begins at the farm Animals cannot lie to you, Indemnify your past actions, and shelter you from all from harm Animals don’t have the capacity to judge, Rectify patterns of behavior that previously wouldn’t budge Animals love unconditionally, Dissolve ulterior motives down to theRead More


Halfway There

Halfway There – 21/07/11 – 2:25 PM – Oahu > Bay Area How I view things currently compared to back then. Still a kid with big dreams and I love to play pretend. As an adult happiness based on results take precedence. Scheduled start to finish, but I’m finished withRead More



Robert the Recruiter In the beginningI was told I’d amount to nothingYet I found the wherewithal to withhold a traditionService provided structure, linked the chain to commandTaught me it takes only a second to make the wrong decisionA reminder beyond the bars as a guard in prisonI’ve enlisted, instilled purpose,Read More



Justin Wren the Big Pygmy The hero’s journey begins with a single step and is bound by the battles fought. Pride cannot be confined to only outcome, sometimes we’re set up to succeed other times left at a loss. Head down and hands up at the school of hard knocks.Read More



Bouyancy – 19/09/09 – 9:45 PM – Clear Lake > Palo Alto > Breaker’s Beach It’s one thing to call it out. It’s another thing to hear about it through someone else. But It’s an entirely different thing to experience it for oneself. Summer came I’ve been caught in theRead More



Trajectory – 19/08/05 – 5:00 PM -Santa Clara > Alviso > Palo Alto January gave too much of myself to the wrong ones, began to monitor my mood and journal my gratitude, like marked heights against the door jamb from back when I was young. February focused on uplifting aRead More


Full Disclosure

Alejandro the Inclusive My intention is to capture your attention, first and foremost no honorable mention. Accept me and my imperfections, whether you like me or not is at your discretion. Secondly shut off your screens and really get into it, moments like these are meant to be intimate. Nothing’sRead More


Revolved and Redirected

Ian the Cyclist Previously caught up in the now, slighted and shortsighted. In a lane with two solid stripes, a space shared yet divided. There’s no right of way for those who are late and untimely. Engulfed by the countless possibilities without even trying. A print maker, industrial designer, andRead More



Alessio the Skipper What’s left unseen is left unsaid, most visitors come and go without a true breadth of what lies at their wake. Browsing boutiques by the shore, chasing after the crowds, trusting fake locals for advice are all common mistakes. Give it 3 to 4 days, go atRead More



Rundown – 19/05/12 – 3:30 PM -Italy > Home What’s in store, where are you going, what next? No out of office automatic replies, disconnected lines, or goodbye texts. We simply say we’re off the grid and that we need time to reflect. Often times we never give relaxation ourRead More